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  • Looking out during lockdown

    Reflecting on our favourite window depictions in art history during the coronavirus lockdown
    Oliver Pickford by Oliver Pickford
    Johannes Vermeer, Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, 1660-62, Public Domain
    Johannes Vermeer, Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, 1660-62, Public Domain

    With the UK on coronavirus lockdown, much of the population has been confined to home. Looking out of the window has become a key way of remaining entertained and keeping tabs with the outside world. With that in mind, we have been reflecting on our favourite windows in art history.

  • Oliver Pickford by Oliver Pickford
    Troy Story

    Let’s start with a fact that definitely isn’t true: that the city of London was founded by a Trojan refugee and originally called Troia Nova.


    The 12th century English chronicler responsible for this egregious claim is just one of countless individuals who, over the course of millennia, have retold and reinterpreted Homer’s 8th century BC story about the Trojan war. 

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    Old Masters X Celebrities

    “I am a sponge”, Victoria Beckham proudly declared in a video to promote her partnership with Sotheby’s at her Mayfair fashion boutique in July. She was describing her desire to know more about Old Master paintings (OMPs), of which a number had just arrived in her flagship store ahead of their sale at Sotheby’s. Why now? What has brought Old Masters hurtling into the public eye with such expediency in recent months? With Kanye West being known to attend TEFAF (famed for bringing 7,000 years of art history together in one fair), Beyoncé and Jay-Z filming a music video, entitled Apesh*t, in the Paris Louvre, and now Victoria Beckham hanging OMPs alongside her luxury fashion lines – is the tide coming in for Old Masters?

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    A Viennese Schmaltz

    With the art world’s eye firmly fixed on TEFAF Maastricht, I decided to use seventy-two hours to take a break from the busy mainstream. A quick Google of cities for art lovers throws up London, Paris, and New York but a city less often on people’s lips and lists is the Austrian capital, Vienna.

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    Bricks vs Clicks: The Internet and the Art Market

    The recently published 2017 Hiscox Online Art Trade Report strongly supports the notion that the online art market now occupies an increasingly large part of the commercial art scene. The online art market has exploded in the past few years, with more art lovers than ever turning to the internet to satisfy their art-buying needs. Hiscox’s report shows that this revolution shows no signs of slowing down: in 2016, for every twelve pieces of artwork bought on the market, one of those was an online purchase.