• The Many Faces of Tudor England 18 March - 31 December

    The Many Faces of Tudor England

    Mary Rose Museum

    Using the latest DNA and Isotopic research featured in Channel 4’s Skeletons of the Mary Rose: The New Evidence documentary, the exhibition explores the idea that Tudor England was more multi-cultural than previously thought, investigating the crew and objects excavated from King Henry VIII’s favourite warship.

  • Victor Wong x A.I. Gemini: Far Side of the Moon 16 April - 14 June

    Victor Wong x A.I. Gemini: Far Side of the Moon

    3812 London Gallery

    3812 London Gallery hosts new work by innovative artist and inventor Victor Wong, who is leading the collaboration between artificial intelligence and ink art. Wong is the creator of A.I. Gemini, the world’s first robotic ink artist programmed with artificial intelligence to paint unique Chinese landscapes. Gemini is coded to plot 3D virtual terrain. Gemini’s arm dips its brush into ink and water, sweeping across fresh xuan paper with calculated choreography to reproduce this terrain with lines and shading. Each resulting work is unique. Wong’s experimentation with A.I. was driven by his desire to explore the possibilities of combining technology and art. He says that ‘my challenge is to make A.I. more human. My collaboration with Gemini is an extension of my art.’

  • OUR JOURNEY 03 May - 10 September


    Koestler Arts exhibition at House of St Barnabas

    This Koestler Arts exhibition is made up of artworks created by people who have spent time inside prisons, secure hospitals, immigration centres, young offender institutions, and are now ‘out’. The artworks showcase the creative achievements of the mentoring programme by Koestler Arts. These artists demonstrate the creative achievements of Koestler Arts’ mentee alumni, showing the varying styles and the different journeys the artists have taken post release. Artworks will be for sale, and prices range from £220 - £2,880.


  • Herman Lohe: Nordic Tales 10 May - 06 July

    Herman Lohe: Nordic Tales

    Fiumano Clase

    Nordic Tales, the first UK solo exhibition of works by Swedish artist Herman Lohe, opens at Fiumano Clase on the 10 May 2019. The exhibition will feature recently completed paintings by the artist as well as works which span the artist’s creative career.

  • May Half-term 24 May - 02 June

    May Half-term

    Mary Rose Museum

    This May half-term, the Mary Rose launches a shipwreck experience to re-live the ship’s miraculous story with a new interactive trail for families. Visitors can sign up as ‘Shipwreck Explorers’ upon arrival at the museum and will then be equipped with a map and clues. Explorers can uncover a treasure trove of Tudor artefacts from the seabed, get hands on and discover how the shipwreck was found, excavated and salvaged...

  • Panel Discussion: Ekholm, Fiumano and Clase on Herman Lohe 25 June

    Panel Discussion: Ekholm, Fiumano and Clase on Herman Lohe


    Discover more about Herman Lohe’s work and practice within a space filled with his art, in a discussion led by curator Roberto Ekholm at Fiumano Clase, along with the gallery directors Francesca Fiumano and Andrés Clase. The discussion will consider Lohe’s practice in the broader context of Scandinavian landscape painting and in the current London contemporary art scene, and how Lohe’s work fits in the oeuvre of other Scandinavian artists of the past and working today.


    The event will commence at 10am at Fiumano Clase.

  • TEFAF NEW YORK FALL 02 - 06 November



    As the world's most buoyant art market, New York City provides the ideal context for a TEFAF Fair outside Maastricht, and allows a vital, transatlantic meeting ground for a global community of dealers, collectors, curators, interior designers and art-and-antiques enthusiasts. 

  • TEFAF MAASTRICHT 14 - 22 March


    TEFAF Maastricht, the world’s leading art and antiques Fair, is unequalled in the quality of its offering, championing the finest art dealers and experts from around the world. TEFAF is a not- for-profit foundation acting as an expert guide for both private and institutional collectors in a global marketplace, which inspires lovers and buyers of art everywhere.